"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mackenzie Knight - The Queen of the Paranormal

I make no bones about it, gang. 
I love Mackenzie Knight. 

Obviously not in the biblical sense because she's happily married, lives in South Dakota and has a gorgeous seven year old daughter(not to mentioned being protected by a Gnostic Hex from crazed fans like me), but in an I-Love-Her-Show sense.  


Some of the people she interviews - and she cleverly allows some of them enough rope to hang themselves with - are clearly totally bonkers, but the vast majority, insane or otherwise, are entertaining. 

There is a guy called Bret on her archive who convinced me and eleven thousand listeners, that the Men in Black are based on a real-but-secret US government agency and also, that there is a ranch in South Dakota which is sealed off by Federal Government because spaceships travel from their dimension to this one for the purpose of exchanging stealth technology. It was a tremendous hoot and I was hooked. 

All the way through, Mackenzie skilfully runs affairs with a mixture of wry amusement, genuine surprise and genial bonhomie. It's compulsive listening, even for conspiracy-skeptics like my good self.

Mackenzie runs one of the most popular paranormal shows in the US. Speaking to me on the Wizphone in her first UK interview, from the dusty, Little Big Horn-haunted burial grounds of the American West, Mackenzie talks about her life, her new book and most of all matters paranormal.

Tell our UK readers about yourself, Mackenzie. Who are you? Where do you live? 

First I'd like to thank you Wiz for having me here, I am thrilled to be in the Cauldron, and talking to my new friends in the UK. 

I was  raised on Long Island New York.I now live in South Dakota Prairie. Yes, like Little House on the Prairie hahahahah. Flat and dry here for 17 years now. I live with my semi-skeptic Hubby and my delightful 7 year old daughter. I have a black cat named Baby (shes the boss), and a little Shizu terrier mixed up little fellow called Puppy.I love tea and chocolate. 

I am also the author of the spooktacular ghostly vampire tale- Cypress Hill, and the host of my own paranormal radio show unearthly encounters live! 

Mackenzie Knight Paranormal Extravaganza

I know you for being a brilliant paranormal DJ with your own show. Tell us about that.

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment Wiz. My show is 
Unearthly Encounters Live! My show usually airs every Tuesday night on Blog Talk Radio, all my shows are archived on my show-page, so listen anytime. 

It is one of my dreams come true. To be able to interview all kinds of people who are experts on this subject, the Paranormal which I love. I feel blessed to have talked to all  these amazing people I otherwise would have never met. 

I’ve hand-picked most, and they are fantastic guests. 

I’ve had paranormal investigators, parapsychologists, Bigfoot researchers and hunters, famous people who talk about the Occult, witches, warlocks, world famous psychics, my favorite horror movie actress, UFO hunters, and authors of ghostly tales, and even a real vampire. I put my heart into this. 

I read all their books. I like that the show is live because whatever happens, happens. I want people who are interested in this subject to know I am out  there,and to listen in and learn and enjoy what these people have to offer.

You've also written a book? Tell us about that.

My Book is called Cypress Hill

A twist of fate. Eternal evil. A woman caught between life, heaven, and hell. A love that breaks the boundaries beyond the veil. By all medical standards, Mary Reilly is dead. Lifeless, her body lies on a cold steel gurney in the mortuary. Her ‘inner eyes’ open, discovering her body. Immobile, Mary needs answers and help. Who will believe? With less than 24 hours before oblivion she embarks on a desperate fight for her life – and Jack Traynor must learn more than the ropes at Olympus Lawn Cemetery: He must master the art of survival in confronting an unstoppable terror obsessed with Mary. His destiny is to save Mary from a fate waiting for her in a plot on Cypress Hill. Or is it?  My Book is available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

What skills do you need to deliver good quality internet radio?

I believe you have to love, and believe in what you do, and know the subject matter that your Guest will be talking about. 

Reading their books and knowing about your guests is number one  to me. I take the time to do these things and it makes for a quality show.

What's been your favourite interview this year?

Well this year 2012- I had a lot of fun, I was invited to the Vampyre Ball by Father Sebastian, I was invited to the filming of  London Knight's Amityville House Of Lies - I only wish I could have gone to both.  I talked to Debra and Tony Pickman about the most notorious haunted house in America, The Sallie House. I fought Zombies with DA Roberts, I learned about Gypsy Magick from Lauren Dole, I went into Manchester House with Donald Allen Kirch and survived.  I entered the world of Parasylum with Robbie Thomas, and into the unknown world of the human psychic mind with Darren Storer. I was taken into the world of Witchcraft with Judika Illes, and spun into the psychic world with my co-host Psychic Intuitive Beth Shelby, and learned the Tarot with my co-host Intuitive Tarot Card Reader Amanda Donnelly. 

Also, Sherrie,Tina, and AJ taught me to watch out for Creepy Dolls that may be lurking about when you are not looking. I was on the Queen Mary with Psychic Medium  Mike Loop,learning of Past Lives with Linda Dix, Dorothy Morrison taught me to be Utterly Wicked. Diana Paxson taught me what its like to be an Oracle, Laura Ellison took me into a very Haunted House, Annick Nouatin shared with me her life and inner strength. Learned that Angels and ET's can really get along with Constance Victoria Briggs. Laura Stamps taught us the sexy side of Paranormal. Brandon Kreitzer admitted he was a skeptic but now believes in the Paranormal. I saw the Stars with Rena Shesso, Learned Candle Magick with Jacki Smith Akron Paranormal and Renegade Paranormal took us on Ghostly Investigations. Jonathan Maxwell taught us about Piltdown Man, and Solana Fox helped me with my Ihakras, I needed that. 

Got to play Don't Fear The Reaper on Halloween where 11,000 people joined us that night, Awesome! It blew me away!

I love all my Guests, but I must say I had a blast with UFO Hunter Bret Lueder,  I know you liked him  too Wiz, Hey Wiz what was it you liked that he sad?

The bet where he said the Men in Black were real made me cry with laughter, Mackenzie. I had never once considered the possibility.

Oh yeh, Wiz. I remember that.

He had the useful knack of discussing UFO activity and its related topics as if he was discussing, say, the ramifications of the Maastricht Treaty of European Union 1992. I was convinced. After Bret had finished, I was a believer!


The Men In Black are real!! hahahaha. Anyway, do you believe in paranormal activity? What's the weirdest thing you ever saw?

Yes, I do- Sometimes I feel like the Queen of Paranormal, hahahaha. 

Vampirella - a gratuitous opportunity
to add another Queen of the Paranormal to the mix!

Here is a true story from my childhood. It started at age 4 and never stopped. I Have enough experiences for a book, hahaha.  Lots of weird things-

My grandparents’ house was very dark, strange and haunted. There were many antiques everywhere in the home, and it was built near a Native American burial ground way out on Long Island. 

The piano (which was just a very old piano and not a player piano) played itself. At the time I was just a little girl and I would go in there to practice, only I was not alone. I would be on the piano seat on the right and whoever was in the seat on the left played the notes to “Mary had a Little Lamb.” I always felt like I was being watched and followed. I would run so fast through that house and could feel them behind me no matter how quickly I ran. There were knockings and footsteps, as well as shadows that could not be explained. I know my grandparents knew it was a strange place too.What was really bizarre was the strange shadow of a woman that was on my ceiling for years- when I was older I realized she was there to protect me for some reason. 

My dolls were strange too, they would always be moved to my little tea table, sitting there waiting even if I made sure I put them elsewhere. At night I always latched them in the closet but somehow the door was open in the morning. One day I saw a Native American woman sitting in a chair on the enclosed porch. She was beautiful and very sad. I went up to her and asked her what was wrong and she pointed to the window and vanished in thin air. Later that day my grandmother -who was an artist- showed me a picture she just painted, and it was the very same woman I had seen on the porch. My grandmother said she had come in a dream.

That's an amazing story, Mackenzie. It must have seemed real!

Oh, it did, Wiz.

Did astronauts really walk on the moon? Or was it all filmed on that hidden ranch in South Dakota to preserve the federal budget for Vietnam?

Actually I do believe you are right and it was filmed on the South Dakota Prairie, or maybe the Badlands.

Is NASA anywhere near South Dakota, Mackenzie?

That's in Florida! hahahhaha.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, with my Paranormal experiences all through my life I do, at least now I can talk about them, and understand some of the things I have seen and heard. 

"Here is what happened to me when I was just 4-When I was 4 I had a friend named Susan, who would wait for me daily on the antique phone bench. She would come in my room and play tea party with me and my dolls. We would go play in the garden, and have pretend picnics. One day I asked my grandfather why he never said hello to Susan and showed him where she waited for me every day. I told him that she wore a white dress and black patent leather shoes and that her hair was in pig tails and bows. Grandpa then showed me a picture, and said that Susan was my sister who died 6 years before I was born, when she was just 6."

The ATF's "Men In Black" Alien Reconnaisance Surveillance and Engagement team crash your radio studio just as you are about to interview a man who has categorically proved the Bermuda Triangle is a portal to an hitherto unknown alien universe. You are taken to an underground chalk pit and thrown in a cell to await mindwashing and reprogramming. Luckily, Texas Troy, one of the agents, is a fan of your show and sneaks in a care package of three books, two CDs and a DVD. What would you like them to be?

Needful Things by Stephen King

The Stand by Stephen King

Hollowing Screams by Barbara Watkins (Missouri based Indie)

Cd- Minnie Driver- Everything I've got in my pocket - love Minnie, wonderful actress and singer- would love to have her on my show, if you read this Minnie please contact me.

Cd- Davie Bowie- Lets Dance

Dvd- Practical Magic

How do you relax away from the Mic, Mackenzie?I spend the most time with my little girl, she keeps a journal, only seven: a chip off the old block. I love to watch movies, enjoy my favorite TV shows, go for a walk, shopping or just write.

Given a choice of everyone in the world, who would you like to interview on the Mackenzie Knight show?

Well Wiz there are a few I would love to have, say the guys from Supernatural,  in the end I think I must go with The Master Of Horror Stephen King. It would be an honor.

A less well known Stephen King

Stephen King
writer of The Shining and Mackenzie Knight
ideal supper guest

What does 2013 hold for Mackenzie Knight?

 This year I hope to get some Sponsors for My Radio Show have a syndicated paranormal radio show and that it will be played on many stations even in the UK. I keep my fingers crossed,for a break. Right now its a labor of love, but I need to make a living. I have a little girl to take care of. 

I  want to  write my new book of true paranormal stories, and have some more exciting new Guests on the Show.

Brrr...you'd have plenty of source material, Mackenzie.

I know, Wiz! Hahahahaha I started off 2013 with Paranormal Thriller Writer Barbara Watkins, it was a fantastic show, and Hollywood's wonderful Betty Dravis joined us on the phone. My next Guest will be Barry E. Taff world renowned Parapsychologist. Whom I have great respect for. You may know from the Famous Entity Case. Wanda Kay from Bobby Mackey's will be on in February, a lot of great Paranormal adventures in store for everyone. Please stop by my new friends and take a listen. 

One more thing Mackenzie (he says in the style of Columbo)...

What that might be?

So. Is the Bermuda Triangle an inter-dimensional portal to an alien universe or what?

Hahhahah...you'd have to listen to a future show to find out, Wiz.

Haahahaha....I shall do, Mackenzie. Thanks for humouring me around the Cauldron and thank you for producing such a great paranormal show!

Thank you so much Wiz, I loved being in the Cauldron with you.


Mackenzie Knight is a published Author. Her new eBook, Cypress Hill, A Ghostly- Vampire Tale, is now available. She is Paranormal Researcher, and Investigator . Radio Personality. She has her own Celebrity Paranormal Radio Show, Unearthly Encounters Live! On Blog Talk Radio. Mackenzie grew up in a Haunted House, she believes the Ghosts were attachments from Haunted Antiques, throughout the home.

Bonus Bermuda Triangle Paranormal Related Feature

"Bermuda Triangle". 
No 1 in the UK charts in 1981. 
America's finest generously nasal songsmith, balladeer and
used knickers collector - Barry Manilow...


  1. Nice to meet another New York "Expat" Excellent videos and I just LOVE Capricorn One and Let's Dance. The Vampire ball does sound intriguing. Mackenzie is an excellent show host, have listened to her broadcasts. Kudos, guys

    1. Thank you so much Mary Ann, I am so happy you enjoy the show. Its nice to hear kind words.

  2. Wow - an awesome interview indeed, Mackenzie! I agree with Mary Ann, when she said that you have an excellent show! I don't know if I have listened to a paranormal radio show lately that can match the extraordinary talent that you have interviewed - remarkable really! And I must say that I'm honored that my novel, Hollowing Screams was on your wish list! I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on your show, and hope that you invite me back on in the future. I wish you continued success and blessings for the New Year! Bravo...!

    1. Thank you Barbara it was a pleasure to have you on and I will definitely love to have you back. You know I love your book Hollowing Screams, and I wish you all the best the world has to offer.

  3. I agree with these other fans of yours, WIZ! This is a fascinating interview. You got it going on, girl. Loved hearing about your childhood supernatural experiences and some of your guests (weird and otherwise). :-) I'm pleased that you mentioned my coming on to chat with you when you interviewed my co-author (Six-Pack of Blood and Six-Pack of Fear series) and dear friend Barbara Watkins. I love her HOLLOWING SCREAMS...and would not have missed your interview with her for the world!

    Keep up the great work and I'm praying for your show to expand around the world...and turn into a paid job with huge salary.

    Hugs - Betty Dravis

    1. Betty, Wiz was interviewing me Mackenzie, thank you for your kind words.

  4. I'm puzzled about who is interviewing you. I see no byline on this story. Who??? Hmmm...

    1. Hi Betty, I'm Mark Barry, aka "Wiz Green" and I run The Wizard's Cauldron. :-)

  5. Loved interviewing Mackenzie, ladies. Thanks for the nice comments about the interview - it was a pleasure to work with her. :-)

  6. Loved this interview, Wiz Green. MacKenzie Knight was wonderful and I loved her childhood tales of supernatural experiences. Good luck with your radio show, MacKenzie!


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