"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
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Thursday 17 December 2015

Toi Thomas Tells All About Her New Direction...Around The Cauldron!

In the last Wizard's Cauldron interview of 2015, old friend of the site, Toi Thomas talks to me about a new direction she's taking.  We've been talking for years on and off and I'm delighted to be given the opportunity to interview her once more.

Toi is better known as a popular fantasy author (the Eternal Curse Series), but this year, she has written her first chicklit novel under a pseudonym.  

I caught up with Toi in the not-so snowy wastes of Williamsburg, Virginia (thanks to El Nino!) and asked her to tell us all about it: Here's what she had to say.

Welcome back, Toi – tell new Wizardwatchers about yourself
Well now let’s see… I’m Toi Thomas and I’m a bit of a geek who loves comic books and vinyl records, but I’ve slowly developed a multiple personality who’s ready for her chance to shine. Oh, and I’m an indie author and blogger.

Whereabouts in the US are you from? And is it snowing yet?
Yes, here on the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. the temperatures are starting to drop but not by much. We should be approaching winter, but I feel like autumn has just begun. I’m currently living in Virginia, which for most people outside the U.S. is the land of “Colonial Times”. I still can’t believe how many international tourists come to Williamsburg each year.

In what genre do you write? And who are your big influences?
Well, as Toi Thomas, I mainly stick to the speculative genres, my alter ego is a bit “softer”. I love sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal; I even sneak in spiritual and religious elements into some of my work. I have a feeling though that some of the new works I’ve planned for the years to come will catch people a bit off guard.

As for influences, I’m influenced by everything around me to some degree. J.M. Barrie is the author who first interested me in writing stories as a kid when I penned my own tails of adventures as a lost boy. 

"Bad boy" JM Barrie - author of Peter Pan

More recently though, I’ve developed an eye for creativity that inspires me to be a better writer. I still think Erin Morgenstern’s Night Circus is fuelling much of my fantasy creativity.

Tell us about your latest work.
Toi’s, I mean my, latest fantasy work is still in the WIP (work in progress) phase. I’m also working on the third book in my Eternal Curse series, while giving the second one a touch up, just because I can. But to be perfectly honest, I haven’t been up to much. My alter ego has been though. She’s been occupying much of my mental capacity for the last six months in preparation for her first release.

It’s Like the Full Moon (Sayings 1) is a contemporary story with a slightly humorous and very realistic approach to friendship and this modern thing called “love”. It’s an adult story that’s very sweet but also a bit neurotic- you know, just like real life. And there’s even a love triangle.

"Rebecca has just turned thirty. She’s happy living a perfectly comfortable and predictable life. She’s even ready to marry her long-time boyfriend whenever he finally gets around to asking her. 

But all that changes when her best friend whisks her away to Italy for a much-needed vacation.
In the midst of site seeing and finally letting loose, Rebecca manages to catch the eye of a young English tourist; but doesn’t let it go to her head. By the time she’s back in the states and back in the arms of her long-time beau, Rebecca has already forgotten about Peter, Paten, Paul…whatever his name was, that is...
...until he shows up at her brother’s cabin in the woods.
A life of normalcy, routine, and stability gets turned upside down as Rebecca decides whether or not she’s truly ready to get married. And if so, who is the one she’s really meant to be with?"

Is this a romance book? Why romance?
Yes, this book is basically a romance. Some might call it Chick-Lit, but two of my husband’s friends said they liked it. One was disappointed that there were no steamy parts… Oh well, can’t please everyone. (ha ha...Ed)

I don’t naturally lean toward tales of romance unless a galactic battle, vision quest, or hero trial is somehow involved, but my softer side decided to show me just how wonderful romance could be. In all honesty, I wanted to write something purely romantic to prove to myself that I could do it and still be myself afterwards. 

For the most part that’s true, even if I am able to embrace my girlie side a little better now that I’ve written this book. I’m still not down with make-up and nail polish though; it’s just not my thing.

I understand this is going to be a series. Does that mean your fantasy work is taking a back seat?
Yes and no. I do have to alternate where my attentions lie a bit in order to do justice to the gene at hand. I have several speculative works that I’ll be diving into after the official release of this book, which means the sequel for this will have to wait a bit, but too long. I already have a few people hounding me to deliver them closure for the character’s who are just beginning their journey at the end of Sayings One.

You have written this under a pseudonym. What’s the logic behind that? And what are the pros and cons of pseudonyms?

Glorie Townson

I guess you could say Glorie Townson is a pseudonym; she is technically me. At the very least, she is my contemporary romance muse. The decision to give my alter ego, my muse, a name and persona for the sake of publication wasn’t easy. I sought advice from many friends and fellow authors with the results being inconclusive. Many thought it was a great idea and others feared it would cause confusion.

So far, I’ve found it to be the right decision and a lot of fun for three basic reasons. People who know that I’ve published speculative works in the past have been able to process this new side of me without concern for whether or not it will work. If Toi Thomas had all of a sudden started publishing romance, I fear many would have scrutinized and compared my works unfairly.

My speculative fans have a chance to continue enjoying the work of Toi Thomas without worrying about whether the genre content will be weakened.

Fans of contemporary and romantic fiction, who’ve never heard of Toi Thomas because they don’t read speculative fiction, aren’t concerned about whether or not genre mashing will sneak up on them. All they know is that this new author Glorie Townson has a new treat for them.

For now, the only con to this process is that I might be going a little crazy, but it’s a good crazy so I’m not worried. Plus my husband gets to have Toi and Glorie- that lucky joker.

How has the world of Indie changed since we first met? If it has changed, has it changed for better or for worse?

The book industry is like the music industry, Indie is the heart of it and it’s always changing. For me, the indie industry has gotten better, but some of that sentiment may be due to the fact that I’ve learned a lot and have matured as an author and blogger. However, just because things have gotten better doesn’t mean it’s gotten easier. With Indie slowly making its way into alternative-mainstream, being an indie author means more hard work and determination ahead.
Indie authors are no longer widely looked upon as writers who couldn’t make with the Big 5. People are starting to realise that there’s only so much space, time, and money available to big publishers for investing in new authors and realise that in order for ideas and creativity to survive, Indie must thrive.

There are so many new opportunities, some better than others, for indie authors and new and supportive communities developing daily. I think this is a great time to be an indie.

Do you spend much time on Pinterest? Is it a boon for authors or is it one of those (sometimes delightful) wastes of time?


I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest and yes I spend a lot of time there. On one hand, it really is a wonderful creativity boost and can even aid in organizing and visualizing ideas and plot points. On the other hand, every now and then something super shiny and cool pops up on the screen, you lose your whole train of thought, and three hours later you realise that you forgot to eat dinner and need to go to work the next morning.

In any case, I still love it. I enjoy piecing together story boards for my books (check out this one for Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel) and even like to get social with it. Right now, I’m allowing anyone who wants to contribute to my #itslikethefullmoon board access to help celebrate the crazy things people do for love. All they have to do is message me and ask. 

What’s been your favourite moment of 2015? Has it been a good year for you?
Oh man, 2015 had been a delight compared to my 2014. So much has happened and I’ve been very blessed. In 2015 I got to attend one local Con and one mini Con. I Joined some really cool social and author groups that have made all the difference. 

And I had a really cool 35th birthday (yeah I printed that on the web- I’m ashamed of my age).

Tell Wizardwatchers:
a)      Your all time superhero- Batman, of course. (me too! - ED)

b)      Your favourite TV show this year- Daredevil on Netflix.

c)       Your all time favourite book- The jury is still out on this, but I’m currently loving the Spellbringer Series by Tricia Drammeh.

d)      The best film of 2015 according to Toi- So many to choose from, but Mad Max Fury Road still pops into my daydreams.

And finally, what next for fans of Toi Thomas
I have many things planned and some it’s too early to giveaway, but for just know that a brand new fantasy/sci-fi adventure is coming that takes place on another world. 

Eternal Curse will receive one, possibly two, new and final instalments, and according to Glorie, the Saying Series is just beginning.

Toi,  it's been an absolute pleasure to talk to you once more and I wish you all the very best with your new romance venture.

Thanks bunches, Mark...


This book is currently available for Pre-order as an ebook through Amazon.com and as a paperback 

direct from the author. Be sure to pre-order your copy at its reduced introductory rate and save your receipt number to earn extra entries into Glorie's cool giveaway. 

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Sunday 4 October 2015

Hard-core crime fiction writer, Heather Burnside is...around the Cauldron!

Heather Burnside is a UK based crime author who writes hard-core crime fiction based in the north of the country. 

Violent local bosses and their scheming, trashy molls, nihilistic urban tearaways, shadowy fixers, psychopathic hitmen, and a small army of hooded robbers, muggers and dealers populate the pages of her novels, and because of the immediacy and realism, the impression arises that the cast list of her novels can be found on a high street near you, wasting valuable mugjob time in the Billy Hills, or selling prescription jellies round the pool table in the Dog and Duck. 

I like that realism in writing and when the opportunity arose to interview Heather I took it with both hands. She  is just about to release her next book. I picked up the Wizphone and called her as she researched her newest endeavour. Here's what she had to say.

Follow Heather Burnside on Twitter for more information on @https://twitter.com/heatherbwriter

Tell us a bit about yourself, Heather

I’m a crime thriller author with my second novel, ‘A Gangster’s Grip’, due for release on 7th October. This is the second part in a trilogy. 

The first part, ‘Slur’, was released last year and the third part is due for release in summer 2016. 

‘A Gangster’s Grip’ fits into the crime sub-genre known as grit lit. The novel was inspired as a result of spending my teenage years in one of Manchester’s less salubrious areas, which later became the estate where a gang’s headquarters was situated. 

Estate in nearby Salford

In the 90s I was shocked to read constant news reports of shootings in the area where I used to live, and that stayed with me until it eventually became the basis for a novel. 

Thankfully, I escaped from the estate three decades ago and now live with my husband in a quieter area of Manchester. 

It’s actually a great city although my novels tend to feature the dark side of gang culture, drugs and violence. 

The lighter side of Manchester - Happy Mondays

We have two grown up children who are away at university. 
When I am not writing and promoting my novels I provide a range of copywriting and proofreading services for clients. 

In what genre do you write? And who are your big influences?

I write mainly crime thrillers but my short stories span a variety of genres. 

Nicci French
The second part of this question is a tricky one because my favourite crime thriller writers are Minette Walters, Nicci French, Val McDermid and Jeffrey Deaver

However, my books aren’t like any of theirs. I’ve actually been compared to writers like Martina Cole and Mandasue Heller although I’ve only read about three books by those authors. 

Billion selling gangs-and-Gucci crime author, Martina Cole

I think my writing style probably derives from a whole combination of influences because I also enjoy other genres apart from crime thrillers, particularly sagas and autobiographies. 

Does the incessant rain up there influence your work in the same way as say, Raymond Chandler was influenced by the endless sunshine of California?

Oh no! Not that Rainy Manchester tag again - the Beautiful South have a lot to answer for, and here’s an article that proves them wrong: 


Ha ha seriously, though, I like to be comfortable when I’m working so it’s useful to work in a cooler climate. Plus, my office is in the coolest part of my home where the sun doesn’t hit until late evening, and it’s shaded by trees. So, even if we do get the odd hot day (I’m sure we once did a few years ago), I’m rarely uncomfortably hot. 

Hahaha...point taken. So, tell us about your latest work.
‘A Gangster’s Grip’ is the second part in The Riverhill Trilogy

It features our feisty protagonist, Rita, who returns to Manchester after a few years away. She is horrified to discover that her sister, Jenny, is in a relationship with the local bad boy, Leroy, and is expecting his child. Rita takes an instant dislike to him, and soon finds out that he is a violent gang member and drug dealer. 

His various shady dealings place Jenny in danger, and Rita becomes determined to lure her away from him before it is too late.

Can we have an extract?

Certainly. The following scene takes place when Rita has persuaded her husband, Yansis, to accompany her to a rough pub where her sister’s boyfriend, Leroy, is known to hang out, because she wants to find out more about Leroy. She has just started chatting to some of the customers:

“It’s alright here, buzzin’ isn’t it? Is it your local?” asked Rita, playing the role of loquacious drunk.“Yeah, we come here all the time. We’ve not seen you in here before though.”Rita picked up on the air of suspicion but she was prepared. “No, we were supposed to come with my sister and her boyfriend, but she backed out at the last minute, so we thought, sod it, we might as well come anyway. It’ll make a change.” 
Alesha turned away, ready to resume her conversation with her friends. ‘Shit, I’ve lost her,’ thought Rita. She knew she had to think fast to keep the conversation going, so she leant over to the girl and whispered conspiratorially. “Actually, I think they’ve had a row; I’m not sure he’s good for her. I don’t wanna say too much in case you know him, ’cos he’s from round here, but people keep telling me he’s bad news and she should finish with him.”Rita knew she would have piqued the girls’ interest, and Alesha was quick to respond.
“What’s his name?”“Leroy Booth,” whispered Rita.There was a definite shift in the girls’ attitudes as soon as Rita spoke his name. She sensed it straightaway despite the double whisky she had drunk. She hoped they weren’t close to him; they might have been related for all she knew. But that was why she had been careful not to call him; instead she had implied that it was other people who were saying bad things, and had feigned ignorance. With that in mind, she carried on prodding.“Do you know him then? I don’t know much about him myself. We’ve just come back from Greece, so I wouldn’t mind finding out if all these rumours are true.”“Shshsh,” whispered Alesha, as she looked around her. Rita then understood that the reason for the change in the girls was down to fear. When Alesha was satisfied that no-one was listening to them, she continued quietly. “You wanna be careful, coming in here, asking things like that. It’s dangerous asking questions about Leroy Booth.”“Why?” Alesha nodded towards a young woman standing a few metres away from them, and said, “You see that girl over there, in the blue top?”Rita looked across the room and noticed a slim, pretty young woman in profile, with smooth, caramel coloured skin. “Yeah,” she replied.“She used to go out with Leroy, and she got too involved in what Leroy was up to. Do you wanna know what happened to her?”Rita looked at Alesha, unable to answer straightaway as a feeling of dread descended on her.“Laura!” Alesha called to the young woman.Laura turned around to look at them. She was a stunning young woman, with beautiful brown eyes and full lips, as well as the smooth caramel coloured skin. In fact, if it hadn’t been for that one imperfection she would have been flawless. Unfortunately, the ugly scar running down one side of her face ruined her flawlessness. “I didn’t know you were out tonight. How long you been in here?” asked Alesha.“About half an hour.”“Oh, I’ve only just seen you. Be over later for a chat.” 
The conversation was soon over. It was only a pretext to let Rita see Laura’s damaged face. Alesha lowered her voice again as she turned back to face Rita. “That’s what happens if you get too involved in Leroy’s business. You probably wish your sister could finish with him, but let me tell you; she can’t. The only way she’ll be finished with Leroy is when he’s finished with her. If you’ve got any sense, you’ll leave her in the mess she’s made for herself, and piss off out of it. I’d be off back to Greece if I was you.”
Is crime fiction one of those genres that inspires an endless appetite in the reading public?  Or will it end eventually.

I can’t see the popularity of crime fiction ending any time soon. I am a member of a couple of crime and thriller reader groups on Goodreads, and through the reader comments on the groups I get a feel for why readers find this type of fiction so appealing. 

Indie Crime Fictionist, Geoff West
 I think most people have a natural curiosity when it comes to anything gory. That’s why there are so many rubber-neckers when there is a road accident or other disaster. Then there’s the suspense element. I think it’s one of the best genres for cranking up tension and keeping readers guessing. Readers also like to be shocked, and crime fiction can definitely be shocking. 

Popular Indie crime thriller author, John Dolan
The other reason why it will continue to be popular is because there are so many sub-genres so there are always new crime authors and books to try.

Is there a big crime fiction scene in Indie?

If you group the crime and thriller genres together then I think it is a big scene in Indie. It’s perhaps not as big as the romance genre but it could just be that I have come across more romance writers on the Indie scene. 

Excellent True Crime Indie - Dina Di Mambro

Try #crime on Twitter for more
Indie Crime

Which do you prefer? TV, Cinema or Literary Crime Fiction

I much prefer reading to watching a film or TV crime series. It’s basically because my mind is so active that I have difficulty concentrating on films etc., and I drive my husband to distraction when I lose track of the story because I have been thinking about a million and one other things. With a book I find it easier to switch off for some reason, and I can always flick back a few pages to recap if my mind has wandered.  
"I think the other thing is because of the time factor. Film timings are too rigid for me. I feel as though I have to stick it out for two hours and that’s my whole evening gone whereas with a book I can dip in and out. "

I've never thought of films like that, Heather. It's true...

I’m also one of those people who has difficulty relaxing. I’m always running for a pen and paper to jot down ideas for novels or thinking about other things I need to do. If I watch TV I’ll be playing a game on my iPad at the same time or looking at social media so I tend to watch trash TV where I don’t have to concentrate. 

Pit Bull
I’ll watch a TV crime series if it’s in one hour slots but if it’s two hours I don’t tend to bother.  I do watch some true crime though and programmes about hazardous lifestyles. In fact, a programme about people who breed aggressive dogs gave me a few ideas for ‘A Gangster’s Grip’. Leroy is very fond of his savage pit bull terrier. 

Who is your favourite literary or cinematic detective? And why?

That would probably be Frank Burnside from The Bill, many years ago, hence the pen-name. I loved the way he was so unorthodox but nearly always got a result in the end. He was definitely gritty with a hard edge to him.

As you are new on the Cauldron, tell Wizardwatchers:

a) Your all time favourite film

Although I’m not a big film lover, I used to watch all the epics with my family when I was a kid so I like a few such as Spartacus, Zulu and The Great Escape. I also like Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. 

b) Your all time favourite CD

I don’t really have a current one. It’s changed many times over the years – Rose Royce Greatest Hits in my late teens/early twenties, then Bowie’s Changes One and Two, then Whitney by Whitney Houston, then Madonna’s Immaculate Collection and, more recently, Heaven by Rebecca Ferguson.

c) Your all time favourite book

‘Guests of the Emperor’ by Janice Young Brooks

closely followed by ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’ by Thomas Hardy.

And finally, what next for fans of Heather Burnside!

Next, I’ll be writing the third book in The Riverhill Trilogy, which moves on another five years when Rita is again forced to encounter the world of the Manchester gangs. 

Something unavoidable and traumatic happens and her only chance of finding a way through is to get involved in the gangster world once more, even though it’s the last thing she wants. 

My fourth book will be different to the trilogy. Although I’m flattered by the Martina Cole comparisons, I don’t want to be seen as just another Martina Cole impersonator so I want to try something different. 

I was working on a psychological thriller before I finished ‘Slur’, but I put it to one side as I decided to write a sequel to ‘Slur’, followed by a third book in the trilogy, while the setting was fresh in my mind. I may therefore return to the psychological thriller once I’ve finished the trilogy. 

Otherwise, I may write something with more of a mystery about it; one that leaves readers guessing as to the perpetrator’s identity. I haven’t quite decided yet. I’ve got a lot of outlines penned so it’s a matter of choosing the right one. 

The psychological thriller is quite disturbing and I would be taking a chance – I think it could be my Marmite moment so I’m not sure whether to go for it so soon in my writing career.

Thank you, Heather. Fascinating stuff. I hope you have a terrific 2016 and beyond that. It's been terrific to see you around the Cauldron.

Thank you, Wiz.

Website: www.heatherburnside.com 

‘A Gangster’s Grip’ Amazon link: http://viewbook.at/GangstersGrip (currently available for preorder)

‘Slur’ Amazon link: http://viewbook.at/Slur 

‘Crime, Conflict & Consequences’ (short story book) Amazon link:http://viewbook.at/Slur  


Young gangster wannabe expresses his political preferences
somewhere in the North of England

Possibly the finest British TV crime series - "Out", with
Tom Bell as released bank robber, Frank Ross. Unjustly forgotten now,
it had everything a TV crime show should have.

Sunday 13 September 2015

Romantic-Suspense author Georgia Rose is back with her new novel....Around The Cauldron!

Old school Wizardwatchers will know of my profound admiration for Georgia Rose. 

Financial Director, meticulous bean counter, complex problem troubleshooter, lovely person, and, most of all, in the context of this Indie caper, author of three terrific novels that have gone down a storm with readers of quality romance. 

I couldn't wait to see her around the Cauldron again and, with the imminent publication of her third novel just around the corner, I picked up the Wizphone and seized my chance. 

I caught up with her on the way to London on a crowded train. Here's what she had to say.

So, Georgia Rose – tell us about yourself, particularly for the benefit of our US readers.
Hi Wiz, many thanks for inviting me back around your rather fabulous cauldron, it is wonderful to be here again.

You're always welcome...
Thank you. I am the author of the Grayson Trilogy which later this week will finally become complete with the release of Thicker than Water

This trilogy has been my first foray into the wonderful world of publishing and in hindsight was perhaps quite a lot to take on but this was the story that came to me in glorious technicolour and so it had to be written.

Georgia Rose's first book - originally
published in 2013 - this is the second ed with
sumptuous new cover
I don’t have the luxury of writing full-time (yet!) and run my own business managing other people’s companies and finances which I set up when my son was born as I didn’t want to go back to working in someone else’s office. 

Fortunately I get to work from home for which I am eternally grateful.

Camborne, in Cambs - the type of Trollopian pastoral bliss that
greets Georgia Rose from her bedroom window in the morning, probably.

I live in a small village in the rolling countryside of Cambridgeshire with my neglected family of a husband, who is very patient, and son, who is taking a gap year before going to university. 

My daughter has recently moved into her own home with her boyfriend. I also have two dogs that spend much of their time trying to get under my desk - where there is only room for one of them.

Poppy the (sleepy) dog.

Why did you use a pseudonym? Are you on the run from the law and/or bailiffs?
No, I’m not on the run, or having to hide the telly, but there were a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, and the most straight forward one was that I found another author already had my real name and I didn’t want there to be any confusion.

Secondly, I started writing secretly because I’m not very confident and really didn’t know if I could do this or how my writing would be received. 

At one time I had the fanciful idea of remaining as this shadowy figure behind my work rather like a writing ‘Banksy’ and thought I could live this double life with no one ever guessing at my secret identity. 

I do have a vivid imagination! It soon became apparent that attempting to do this was nonsense as it’s hard enough to sell books and get yourself known in the first place without adding in the anonymity. 

The Flower Thrower:
Copyright - Banksy

Once I started to get good feedback on my books my confidence grew and it became much easier for me to come out of the shadows and reveal what I was doing.

Tell us about the highly anticipated “Thicker Than Water”

"Life is moving on for Emma and Trent after all the action in Before the Dawn but, just as it seems as though they can look forward to a settled future something happens to throw that all back up in the air again. This is a story of relationships and intrigue, a little action and of course romance. Will there be a happy ever after?"

Now, as you said in your beautiful review this book can be read on its own but I really don’t want people to do that. In the first book, A Single Step, I give you the setting which I don’t then repeat in the following books and I want readers to be able to immerse themselves in life on the Melton Estate.

Also, I feel strongly that no one is going to understand the implications of what happens in this book if they don’t know about Emma’s background.

Is TtW REALLY the last part of the Trilogy!?
Well by the very fact that it is the third book I guess it is. The story is complete and until the moment of you asking me this question I had never considered anything beyond that...

...your avid readers won’t be pleased. There are precedents for extended trilogies. Porno scribbler Sylvia Day wrote five in hers…and you could argue Tolkein added a further two to his fantasy epic…

I can’t comment on Tolkein but from the reviews I saw I’m not sure readers were that happy with Ms Day. 

This was originally a trilogy. Will the Grayson Trilogy follow suit?
They were expecting a satisfactory conclusion at the end of number 3 and to then have the story extended over 2 further volumes seemed to be stretching the patience of the fans. I would hate to do that! So, this story is complete. 

Are you telling me off again?
Ha ha. No. I see your point. I am aware that there are opportunities that spring out of the setting I have created but I think after pulling all of this together this summer it will take a while for any fresh ideas to percolate through my brain. I will, however, be keeping an open mind on the future.

Bearing in mind your answer here, my spies tell me there is a spin-off planned with the impish Carlton as the lead. Is this the case?
Hahaha... ah yes the adorable Carlton. It’s very interesting you mention him Wiz. As I said above I had no plans to write anything more about the cast of Melton Manor, but, there are a large number of characters there all of whom have a story to tell... else why would they be on the estate? 

Carlton would be ideal for a spin off as I’m imagining the story of how he came to be on the estate would be a particularly juicy one but those thoughts are for another time.

Possible casting choice for the
rascally Carlton
Someone once said to me that they could see my stories as a TV series and what came to my mind were those ones I used to watch as a kid, The A Team, Hart to Hart, Charlie’s Angels as examples where each week the story was pretty much the same. 

I loved TtW. Do you think you have become a better writer? Was this an easier book to write than the others?
Thank you Wiz, I appreciate the compliment. I do believe I am a better writer. I didn’t really know what I was doing in A Single Step, and actually was trying far too hard hence the fact that I have put out a 2nd edition this year after listening to my readers. 

I haven’t changed it drastically but it starts differently and I’ve taken out a scene from the middle, which I loved but it slowed it down, so in total I’ve trimmed 3000 words from it.

Before the Dawn was much more tightly written but I got carried away with the action thriller bits and forgot about the romance so in the second edition of that I’ve just developed a couple of the romantic encounters a little. 

I do think that my writing is better in TtW, made easier by the fact the setting and characters were already in place. But, I found it harder to write. My main problem though was with expectation. When I wrote the first two I did it purely for me with no intention of ever publishing so there was no pressure at all. 

Suddenly with TtW there were people asking me when it was going to be out and telling me how much they loved the first two. 

Now don’t get me wrong, that has been terrific, but, it has also made me very nervous as I would hate to disappoint anyone with a rubbish ending to this tale.  I started out wanting to write a story I would want to read and once I was reminded of that I tried not to think about what everyone else would think of it and I was back on track again.

I am also blessed with a very good friend who told me one day to stop writing the bit I was struggling with and instead spend the afternoon writing 200 words of Emma’s rich and colourful life on the estate. I did, and that was the turning point. 

Allow me to compliment you on these covers. You have done second editions of all the Trilogy. What was the thinking behind that?
I had a comment from someone who said that my original covers didn’t really give any clue as to what the books were about, so once that happened I decided to bite the bullet and do a new set that would look good together and I then decided that as I was going that far I might as well go the whole way and make the changes to the first two books that I wanted to. So I set myself a punishing schedule to get all of this done this summer and so the 2nd editions could be released just prior to the last one coming out.

Burnt copper dipped motor
Did you know in advance that burnt copper is this year’s IN cover colour?
I did not know that! As anyone who knows me knows I am never ‘on trend’, is that the term? I’m always late to any fashion but, as an example, will then be found still wearing jumpsuits, legwarmers and pixie boots long after everyone else has moved on (not that I will have noticed!) purely because they are comfortable. 

Although I do believe they’re all back in again and I know I still have mine somewhere!

Georgia's terrific paperback haul, as seen
on social media all this week

Quality product is ostensibly a huge issue in Indie, though it is improving. Tell Indies how many people were involved in the production of your book?
I use beta readers - six in total. They have all read the other books in this trilogy have liked them and are therefore keen, like me, not to cock the next one up.  The betas are only taken on if they promise to give me full and frank feedback however brutal that may be - there is no point to the exercise otherwise.

I send them the full manuscript after the first draft. It is big picture stuff I am looking for here. I don’t care at this point about misplaced commas or the overuse of semi-colons - though some of them can’t help themselves with the corrections ha ha. 

Georgia's Beta-Reading Guide:

What I am interested in at this stage is

a) does the story work

b) are there plot holes

c) is the pacing right

d) are the characters behaving as they should 

e) do the betas feel any emotion while reading 

and most important of all 

f) do they believe!!

This all happens during Marinade month when I take a month off from doing any work on the MS. I don't even read it during that month. Then I rewrite as necessary.

This time, because of the extra section at the end of the book, I also sent a particular part to someone who knows what they are doing, because specialist feedback was I needed to make sure the voice of that character was right.

I then employ the team at SilverWood Books to copy-edit for me and rewrite again before it goes back for proofreading and the cover is designed. 

This time I went the whole way with that as well including taglines and quotes from other fabulous authors - hoping the attention to detail will make all the difference.

What is that saying? It takes a whole village to raise a child... I feel the same way about my books.

I know that you are incredibly busy – your workload in the world of finance tires me out just hearing about it - but when that’s over, and the writing is done, what does Georgia Rose do in her spare time?
It may seem pretty sad Wiz but I can honestly say that since I started writing I have not had any spare time. I guess actually that the writing is what I do in what would otherwise be my spare time. 

I work very long hours as you know so having a meal out, a weekend away or just watching a couple of episodes of whatever series we are currently trying to catch up on (at the moment its Breaking Bad) with a glass of wine is my idea of time out.

Which is the better version of Magic Mike: The book or the film?
Ah...now then, Magic Mike is more of a visual treat than any sort of intellectual stimulation Wiz - haha! I’m pretty certain it was not based on a book, if it were there would be no plot but more a series of situations ;-)

Where can Wizardwatchers connect with you and your books nowadays?

I can be found all over the internet but if you go to my website at www.georgiarosebooks.com you will find all the latest news plus buttons to connect to my Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads accounts. 

You will also have to opportunity there to follow my blog and the chance to sign up to my mailing list, which is a new feature this week.  

My books can be found at:
A Single Step getbook.at/ASingleStep - currently only 99p/99c (see website for links to Smashwords and Kobo)

Before the Dawn getbook.at/BeforeTheDawn

Thicker than Water getbook.at/ThickerThanWater available for pre-order and to be released 18th September

And finally, what next for Georgia Rose?
I guess marketing for a while, I have a book launch event next Friday (you are all invited - see website!) and a book signing coming up in November. 

Book Launch at the Racehorse in Catworth, Cambs, Friday 18th September.
Real ale. Semi-gourmet snap. Great books. Georgia Rose - what more do  you
need on a Friday night?
Then I have a couple of ideas for standalone novels - the stories are in place in my head, one’s full length and the other feels like a novella so I imagine I shall just sit down again one day and the words will start to come. I’m looking forward to it already!

Georgia, I am delighted you spared some time in your busy schedule - it's always a pleasure to speak to you and we all wish you a heavyweight rest of the year and beyond.
I’ve loved having a chat around your Cauldron.  Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.


Georgia can be found on
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Book Links
A Single Step getbook.at/ASingleStep - currently only 99p/99c (see website for links to Smashwords and Kobo)

Before the Dawn getbook.at/BeforeTheDawn

Thicker than Water getbook.at/ThickerThanWater available for pre-order and to be released 18th September