"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

An Interview with Bathsheba Dailey

Bathsheba Dailey

By great fortune, I was introduced at the last minute to Bathsheba Dailey, poet and advertising guru, and with no preparation, and despite never having heard of Wizards and Cauldrons and such, she agreed to have a chat with me over the Wizphone, somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Your Wizard is a huge fan of poetry and his mien brightened when he found out that the resident of West Virginia was indeed an Odesmith. 

And extremely pleasant too. I caught up with her on a lake where she was fishing and here's what she had to say!

Hi Bathsheba.

Hi Wiz. Nice to meet you.

The feeling is mutual. Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? Where do you live? Do you write full time? How do you come to be here?

I am a 35 year old single mother of three girls and I am pursuing my degree in business. I am the author of  the "Hearts and Souls poetry book" and the upcoming poetry book "The Unhidden reflections of the heart".

I am also pursuing a venture which advertises other authors and businesses.

I have walked a long road of failures and I have decided that I will chase many dreams at once to ensure that one comes true. Life is only what we make it, so make it the best that you can. 

My favorite hobby other than doing things with my girls is writing and fishing. 

Fishing:West Virginia Style!

Sounds of the water calm me when everything seems to be going in the wrong direction. I live in a small town in West Virginia where everyone knows everyone - and they are pretty sure they know those people better than they do themselves! Hahaha.

  I try to write as much as I can but with three girls, school and all the household things that need doing, it is sometimes hard to find time to just be me and write.

I've been singing the John Denver song all morning, Bathsheba hahaha.

It's very catchy isn't it, haha.

It is, yes. Grew up with that song. How long have you been writing poetry?  

I have written since I was a young child. I had a very hard and abusive life until the age of fourteen when I  was finally placed with the greatest parents a girl could have. My foster dad who was to me my real father passed away last week and this has been the hardest and most unbearable time of my life even after a tormented childhood. 

I have always said in my case "water is indeed thicker than blood". I follow any writer or style that heart and soul can be reflected in. 

 Give us an example...

The Empty Quill

The ink in my quill has
started to dry with the
words I no longer want
to share with a world so
full of hate and self
loathing egotism.

I try to see the world
with a clear mind and
an opened heart but the
tales of life's bittersweet
anger is forever stepping
in my way of a worlds
deepest emotion being
that one of hate.

exquisiteness surrounds
us everyday with just the
opening of our eyes and
the air that we so enjoy
to intake.The flowers are
abloom with a beauty we
so deny,too worried are we
of our own sinful thoughts
that we no longer care
about human life unless it
is in the words that commit
their distraught.

That's a lovely poem, Bathsheba. Thank you for sharing. So, tell us about your current projects?

I am currently getting together my alter ego's poetry book "at at no names yet" I have kept her a secret for a year and a half and only very close friends know who she is. 

Latest work

You have an alter ego?

It's a secret, Wiz! Not telling you yet! I am also writing two novels. One about my alter ego, which will tell her fictional biography of why she turned to a world of darkness and a romance novel that is in the setting of times past when raising cattle was how you ate. I am writing my true story biography of who I really am and how I ended up as a state ward. I have also nearly finished with my third poetry book.

 The Baltimore Ravens, under pressure from the City, decide to emulate the Colts in 1983 and do a moonlight flit. You are taken hostage for a month to help the Mayor to see sense. A henchman is sent out to supply you with three books to pass the time. What would they be?

Magnificent Cover for ancient Mitchell
Bodice and Butler classic
Three books hmmmm. That would have to be "Gone With The Wind". The second would be the sequel to "Gone With The Wind" which is called "Scarlet", after whom I named my third daughter, and the third would be "The Killing Fields".

How does an author of Independently Published Fiction get known out there? It seems like a thankless and impossible task. Have you any tips for our readers?

A great way to improve awareness is to join as many groups as you can, even though it can get tiring at times and make sure you have looked into as many online outlets as possible. 

Some of the best would be Goodreads, Blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and tons more. I have to say this, though, it does not matter how many places you find to promote yourself; if you forget who you are you will fail. 

Thanks for that sound advice! What would be on the menu at a meal chez Bathsheba?

My favorite meal is of course a country meal; Fried chicken, homemade chicken gravy on mash potatoes, corn and fresh green beans and then for desert brownie cupcakes.

Country Meal - I'm off to the cafe!

I've been to West Virginia. Visited Charlestown Races!

One of the world's finest and cheapest
buffets at Charlestown Races.

Have you? It's beautiful, isn't it.

It certainly is! What do fans of Bathsheba Dailey have to look forward to in the coming year? 

The coming year I hope to have all my books done but we can never guarantee what life will throw our way so I just have to take one day at a time!  There are two quotes that I wrote and I try to live by them both;

"A new beginning is better than an old ending" and "Never forget who you are or where you have come from, while in the process of being found by others"  

If you forget who you are so will everyone else!

Bathsheba, it's been an absolute pleasure to talk to you and I wish you all the best in the future!

Thank you, Wiz! You too...



  1. I agree with Mary Ann, great interview! I loved the poem and I loved the authors words: I have to say this, though, it does not matter how many places you find to promote yourself; if you forget who you are you will fail.

    I find that to be very true in life.

  2. Thanks everyone and yes once you forget who you are there is nothing left to fight for, a person is nothing unless they are true to themselves x


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