"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Interview with K-Trina Meador of Hawaii

K-Trina Meador
It's my pleasure today to introduce Wizardwatchers to Honolulu's finest 

K-Trina Meador. 

As a confirmed admirer of Hawaii since my surfing days in Newquay (and even before that, the laid back adventures of Jack and Danno in "Hawaii Five-O", and later, the iconic caterpillar moustached Tom Selleck in "Magnum"),  I've been looking forward to talking to the cooly named K-Trina Meador. 

The hyphenation is genuine, by the way. That really is her name! I am super impressed already. Anyway, enough - here she is. Enjoy!

Hiya K-Trina. Welcome to Wizardworld. Tell us about yourself? Who are you? Where do you live? Do you work? Where is the name Meador from?
         Hiya Wiz! Pleasure to be here. I attribute the unique spelling of my name to my mom who spelt it that way on purpose. Little did she know that I would live up to the unique name with a unique personality and career or that the computer generation was right around the corner.

I grew up outside a small town of 1,000 people on a small farm of 70 acres in the heart of Texas, where life lessons were learned at an early age. Being the youngest of five children, I often found myself tagging along with my older siblings much to their chagrin.

My father was in the US Navy for twenty-two years and his primary job was aviation. Out of their five children I am the only one who pursued a career in aviation like him. After he retired, he opened a carpet business and I am well versed in laying carpet and tile as well as cleaning carpet and farming. As a teenager, I assisted my mother and father in building their five bedrooms, three bath home.
            I am currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii working as an aircraft mechanic/avionics technician with a small based company that delivers the mail to the other islands. It is an interesting job to keep me challenged and pays the bills as I pursue my writing in my spare time.
            I have been divorced for thirteen years and I have two wonderful sons who are pursuing their own life as young adults.

A relaxed K-Trina Meador in  big sun hat
Why did you start to write books? Have you always written? Are you a novelist, a poet, a short story writer?
            Writing is something inbred in me. I have never known a time I didn’t write whether it was scribbling something down in a moment or keeping a journal. 

"Writing is like an addiction to me. I have to have it – I have to do it and I love it."

I have always written whether I allowed people to read it or not was a different story! In high school there was a competition with the theme being “Say No to Drugs”. I had forgotten about the assignment and within in one class period I wrote a four page short story that won first place in the competition and I received my first royalty check of $15.00

It amused my sons as they were growing up that we would be going somewhere in the truck and without notice, I would pull over to the side of the road and find the nearest napkin and scribble down the thought that was going through my head while “ssshhhing” them so I could get it all down before I forgot it. It didn’t take them long to learn “that mom was being mom” and they would laugh about it.

            Now I write novels and poetry. None of my poetry has been published as I am concentrating my efforts on my novels.

Tell Green Wizard about your current work?
            Recently, I just published my first novel 

Journey to Freedom. 

Journey to Freedom is a novel set in the American Civil War Era and takes the tale of the racism, hardships, survival, death and loyalty to heart. 

Massive Civil War Era Howitzer

Classic Civil War Duel Scene

("You see, there's two kinds of people in this world, my friend. Those with loaded guns...and those who dig!")

Both the main male and female characters are of mixed race and are independently journeying to their dream of freedom when they meet. Obstacles and the hard reality of life rears its ugly head and for a time they are separated but fate brings them back together again just to separate them again. This is a story that travels much through young America as their journey grows from year to year.

Exciting US Civil War Drama "Journey
to Freedom" by K-Trina Meador

That's fantastic, K-Trina. I wish you the best of luck selling this. Where do you live? Do you live in Hawaii? Most Brits are in love with those islands.

            Currently I live in Honolulu Hawaii and I have made it a personal goal to take a sunset picture each night. The sunsets are absolutely gorgeous and a perfect way to melt away the days stresses. There are so many wonderful things about the island – the people rank up above all with their kind and courtesy ways, the sunsets, paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving…there is so much to do. On the future agenda is skydiving - when the timing is right you can skydive through rainbows.

Honolulu Sunset - magnificent inspiration for writing!

Cavern scuba diving, sunset horseback riding and so much more.
            One of my most recent and fun adventures was a one hundred foot dive to the Sea Tiger where I saw seashells as big as a football, had a school of fish swim right up to my mask and then darting to the left or right, seeing a spotted eagle ray and the graceful way it swam and then the bonus…..having an octopus on my arm, inches away from my face. Wow, that was just amazing!

(and great music!)

What's your favourite film, TV programme and/or music about Hawaii?
            I don’t actually have time to watch tv but I have been told that Lost, Jurassic Park and Soul Surfer were actually filmed at different islands in several locations. So it is neat to know that the beauty of this state is being shown for others to see.
 Which three writers would you like to share dinner conversation with?
            Ted Dekker (best selling novelist of many novels), A.M. Hunter (author of The Final Possession) and Terry Ambrose (author of Photo Finish). I actually know A.M. Hunter and Terry Ambrose through networking on Facebook but have yet to meet them in person. It would be a great honor to meet them in person and share dinner with them!   Ted Dekker is a renowned author who writes suspense thrillers and lives in Austin, Texas. I would love to meet him just because I love his books so much.

Viggo Mortensen plays Ted Dekker

How do you relax away from the typewriter? What does a typical day involve chez Meador?
            Being in Hawaii, relaxation time is easy to find. I love to go to the quiet beaches and spend my time reading, writing, snorkeling, paddle boarding or photo taking. When I am wanting to see something different, the numerous hiking trails keep me in awe of the Island’s beauty and mysteries.

K-Trina's relaxation

Tell us about your book signing on Facebook? It looked fun!

            I have had two book signings since I have published in April 2012.
The first one was in my home town of Cross Plains, Texas at the local library. I was very excited and it went really well. My family supported me by helping me with setting up and the staff of the library where really friendly and helpful.

The second book signing was in South Caroling at a dog park – yes a dog park. Max, my wonderful dog loved to go there and “play” with the other dogs and I saw that as an opportunity to expose my book to a new niche of possible fans. 
What a great time we had with oysters roasting, corn toss, dogs playing and a local band. Good times!

What do fans of K-Trina Meador have to look forward to in the coming year?
           I have two more stories in progress. 

The Chamber and Impact 

both titles are working titles and are subject to change.

The Chamber is a suspense – thriller based in Afghanistan and involves the kidnapping and trials of several adults. The kidnapper is trying to break one woman’s faith to prove that those who believe in God are hypocrites. However, there is a twist to the story that makes you applaud the courage that is shown and your heart break as other events occur. It is a story of hope, faith and love and the courage to survive.

Impact is a family drama that takes two young people starting their life together and realize that it isn’t what they thought it would be. The decline of their marriage starts with unresolved anger and lack of communication skills when life sends them a blow that knocks both of them to their knees. Can their family survive? Will Cal and Jana fight for their marriage or give in to divorce?

Sound's exciting! This is has been great fun,K-Trina. Thanks for talking to us at Green Wizard and we wish you every success in the future!

Thanks Wiz. Have a Great Day! 

Wizardwatchers can contact K-Trina Meador on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKMeador

Twitter: @authorkmeador


  1. Hi K-Trina, I was so surprised to learn that I was mentioned in your interview. Next time I'm in Honolulu, or you're in San Diego, we'll have to meet. I have no idea where Alyssa is located, but it would be great to have her join us!

    You are so lucky to live in such a special place, I absolutely love the islands!

    Best of luck with your book!

    1. Mahalo, Terry! I would love to meet you either here or in San Diego. Alisa is near Denver, Colorado. :) My main female character in my work in progress, The Chamber, is named after her.

      Both your book and hers was a pleasure to read and I love good books!

      I have fallen in love with the islands too and can't wait to explore more of them. If my contract extends, Maui is my next island to visit. :)

      Stay in touch my friend!

  2. Hi, again, K-Trina--Your interview was wonderful, very different and interesting. The videos added a fun component to the usual questions/answers. So, you're living in Hawaii--what a great opportunity. We've traveled quite a bit, but never to Hawaii--probably I should before I get too old!
    Thanks for sending me to this link. Very nic.

    1. Thanks Celia :) I certainly enjoyed my time there!


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