"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Crossroads: Christy Foster Bluffs the Devil

Compiling Reality Bites was something of a trial, but one of the plus sides for me was meeting Christy Foster. 

Friendly, fun, ever-approachable and always keen to support the Indie community, Christy is one of the good girls. The night before the roster deadline - a key event where an anthologist works out the look of the piece, the running order, the literary flow, I was let down by a young lady who er, kinda didn't dig the gig, and stuff and er, kinda pulled out. This left me in deep doggy doo doo. 

Enter my friend Eric Rada, already rostered in, who introduced me to his good friend Christy, who supplied me with a great story, at short notice; a story that the anthology's readers have commented upon. 

We've become good pals and when I found out she was publishing her first novel (the first in her own name, that is), I made her promise that she would give me an interview. 

Christy, who is publishing Poker-and-Paranormal extravaganza "Bluffing The Devil" this Friday, May 10th, kept her promise. 

Robert Johnson - modern day Faustian legend

 Direct from Pittsburgh, Christy called me up on the Wizphone and here's what she had to say...

Christy Foster
Wiz: Hiya Christy, how are you?

Christy: I am great and raring to go!!

Tell us Wizardwatchers about yourself...

Wow, way to start us off there, Wiz. Where shall I start? I was a chipper baby… too early? Hmm… closer to now? *sigh* Very well… I am a fairly normal person, but please don't tell any of my friends! I am a home body, wife, mother, sister, friend, ninja… who fell in love with reading as a small child and haven't been able to peel myself out of my imagination…ever. I love to get lost in a world, come out and live a bit, then sink myself right back into another. I'm an addict, but truly hoping no one takes the time to try to cure me, because that would just break my heart.

Christy in full Madame Butterfly regalia...
but a good while back, she tells me!

I decided in September of 2012, after reading thousands of books, that I had a story brewing in my head and I wanted to see what it would be like to write something down for once. 

I got my synopsis written, sent it to some friends, and was immediately bullied into writing it. By the next month, I had joined and won a writing contest with a partner. 

Since then, I have participated in three anthologies, have co-written two novels under a pen-name. and am about to complete my first novel with more than a dozen more already in the background of my mind just itching to get out!

I am a tea-a-holic, healthy-eating enthusiast, and truly wake up every day with a positive attitude and thank God for blessing me with everything I have.

Huge tea addict here, Christy! Whereabouts in the world do you live?

Currently, I live in Pittsburgh, PA.

I understand you like your sports. What's your pick for the upcoming NFL season?   I hear you gave a friend of mine the Ravens at 9/1?

You understand correctly!! I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (since before I lived here) and you are being quite blasphemous using the Ravens in any way directed to me, you evil man!  

Ivan Taylor - Steelers 8th May birthday boy!

Sad part is, they have a fantastic team this year and I feel a lot of heartache coming way this season, but… we  were able to get some very lovely draft picks and … perhaps there is a change in the winds? I will pray on it. We are still stuck with our ridiculous quarterback and well, some of our coaching could use some help, but... prayer changes things, right? A girl can dream!

Tell us about your latest release..."Bluffing The Devil"

Great cover for Bluffing The Devil

Ooooh! My newest novel is about a woman who loses her fiancé in a terrible accident and decided she is done with relationships and decides to focus her life and time on the male-dominated career of high stakes professional poker. She starts dreaming about this delicious man and then literally has to make a deal with the Devil for the thing she wants most in her life. She will have to choose between her Dream Man, her friends, her career, and ultimately… her life.

The Devil and Michael Bolton goof around
before a good old game of poker
Sounds fun. I used to be a huge tournament poker player, so I've got all the more reason to buy the book. So how long did the book take to write? Who is your favourite character ?

Well, my document says it took me 47 non-consecutive days to write it. I began it in September of last year, then put it aside to complete some other projects with other people, so.. its been months in the making, but truly just over a month off and on writing.

My favorite character… ummm… that's like asking a mother to pick her favorite child! Victoria is my favorite. She's a smart-mouth, tough-as-nails chick who is loyal, protective of her friends, and in general just is awesome. 

I put a lot of two of my closest friends into her character, so she's special to me in a ton of ways.

What are your expectations for the book and what would you prefer: Money or Kudos.

I won't lie and say that I would rather not make money, let's face it, we all want to be able to write and eat well from that. I would love to write full time and be able to quit my day job, but… for now that's not going to happen. Maybe in the future! 

Authors of debatable ability
who may had negotiated a Faustian pact in order to
accede to riches beyond their wildest dreams?
Can you name them?
 Honestly, at some point in my life, I want to write something that hits someone so profoundly that it changes how they see their day or their past or their choices. 

Anything that makes them stop and think. It would be a bonus if I elicit some true emotion from it as well. I have a few books begging to be written. 

And won't give up  ever, but will feel totally satisfied and like "a real author" when I help someone or make them smile with my work.

Scare everyone by giving them an insight into one of your Wonder Woman days...

Ha! I am no superhero, I assure you! However… typical day = up at 7:15am to get my son ready for school (make breakfast, spend time with him, get a shower, get dressed for work, hang out til the bus comes at 8), handle business (emails, FaceBook, Twitter, etc), go to my day job until 3pm, come home to catch son from the bus, make him a snack, help him with homework, chores, workout, shower, dinner, dishes, more business things online, hang out with son again (time together is very important to me, he usually does workouts with me also!). 

At 9:30pm, he goes to bed and I write until I can't possibly keep my eyes open anymore (which is usually about 3:30 or so)… then I rest and start over Rinse and repeat! hehe

Told you. Wonder Woman...I can scarcely walk and talk at the same time.

I'm sure that's not the case, Wiz! 

Oh, believe me, Christy, it is! I understand you are into fitness and health. What are your three best tips for those of us looking to improve our fitness and lose weight.

Yes! I've lost over 115 pounds in the last two years and my main tips are:

1. Do something you LOVE to stay active! I remembered my love of dance, I like to hang out with my son and go on walks, bike rides, etc. Just find something FUN that you will actually want to do. Makes it much easier!

Amazing ten stone before and after swing

2. Learn about portions. I was eating WAY too much of the wrong stuff. I still have cookies and such, but I have three cookies instead of ALL of them. Moderation is the key. That, and eating things more natural and REAL. Our ancestors didn't live off Doritos, we shouldn't either.

3. Don't eat anything you cannot pronounce or that has a number in it. Red Dye #6 and Monoxoiupaowfawelkrwjoeir  is NOT good for you. Carrots are.

That's absolutely amazing, Christy. I am ultra-impressed!

Thanks Wiz! It was hard work, I can assure you and it isn't over yet!

You've also had a short story published recently in an anthology called "Reality Bites". Tell us about that. Which do you prefer? Big shark books or lots of nibblers?

My entry into the Reality Bites anthology is a true story on how I was burned as a child, died twice because of it and was told I would never walk again, but proved everyone wrong. That book is about horrible things and how strong the human spirit is to bring us up from the darkest depths to show that we are worthy of our lives and all that comes with it. Love that book and feel SO honored to be a part of it! Truly!

"When the destroyed skin was to be removed by the nurses as the healing process continued, Carol could do nothing but stand outside and listen to the howls of suffering that came from her tiny baby girl. She pace the floor aimlessly. Guilt raked itself across her heart and mind continuously with no end in sight. The authorities blamed the incident on her, accusing her of purposefully hurting her own daughter. Even worse than strangers assuming she would do such a horrendous thing, family also blamed her saying things like, "You should have been watching her" and "See what you did? She's ruined for life now!" and more hurtful things. Carol could do nothing but pray and do her best to remain calm. Her anger, worry, fear, and sadness could do nothing to fix her little one. It was all left up to God and Christy's strength to pull her through." (Extract from Christy Foster: Resiliency from Within, 2013 - in Reality Bites anthology. Copyright CL Foster)

Sharks. Nibblers. I'm happy either way. Just give me TIME to read and shut up. I'm a happy girl. Well, and don't forget my tea! 

I'm just about to stir up a pot of Chai!

I'll have a cuppa with you, Wiz!

Much prefer tea, Christy. Is there some sort of weird cultural match between Indie writers and coffee? I think we should be told because I ain't in it!

Me too!

On the way to the diner, three arch-demons from Hell kidnap you for taking the Dark Lord's name in vain. You are thrown in a pit to await your infinite sentence of pain and misery. One of the arch demons, Fxylgyun, is not quite as severe as the rest and offers you three books, two CD's and a DVD to pass the time before Ol' Hornhead clip-clops over to see you. What would you like them to be?

First of all, what a beautifully nerdy way to ask that question! Secondly, the demons would have to be slick to get me.. I am a ninja. BUT, if they managed to be successful and didn't want to give me back after I smart-mouthed them to death…
Fxylgyun would need to fetch:

Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas 

The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett

The Quickie by James Patterson. 

CD: Red: Innocence & Instinct 

and the score to Lord of the Rings.

DVD ~ A Knights Tale (with Heath Ledger.. incredible film with knights, ladies, love, hate, music, etc… )

Do you get the chance to read much? Who are your favourite authors?

I read every.single.chance I get. I love books! I love anything Maggie Shayne, James Patterson, T Jefferson Parker, Terry Goodkind, Tanya Huff, Sherrilyn Kenyon, etc.. I like paranormal, mystery, and suspense the most. 

However, I also love my new found Indie authors, such as Ruthi Kight and Cameo Renae, who have made me cry this year. I have fallen in love with the Indie community and devour books as often as I can. Always up for a new read and have SO many on my Kindle, it's not even funny.

Finally, what's next for fans of Christy Foster?

Well, I have a lot going on in my mind and have lots of ideas. I am hoping to put two more books and a novella out to go along with Bluffing the Devil and then I have a few stand-alone novels in mine and I am also writing with my penname as well, so.. lots, I suppose!

Christy, I'm a big fan - love your story in Reality Bites - and I wish you all the success your work deserves in the coming year.

Thank you Wiz, its been lovely talking to you!!


 Stalking Christy Foster  (What a great book title!!)


After attempting an outrageous and ultimately insane bluff with 37 off,
Michael Bolton is taken away by the Devil to rot in the fires of hell for eternity.

Next episode: the night Kanye West sold his soul for Kim Kardashian's hand in marriage.


  1. Great interview - I especially love A Knight's Tale - and, yes, I own the DVD :-) But, great wizard, while your preview works, my preview rocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hi8IWqic0U

  2. Christy, it was super getting to know you and would you believe it I love A Knight's Tale as well. Cracking interview and kudos for you, Christy. n x

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