"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
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Sunday, 2 September 2012

An Interview with Gladys Quintal

Gladys Quintal
 The Wizard contacted New Zealand born paranormalist Gladys Quintal to discuss the paranormal, erotic and horror scene down under. Here's what Gladys had to say on the Wizphone, with a 13 hour time delay!

UK readers and Wizardwatchers won't be familiar with the name Gladys Quintal. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am originally from New Zealand, but have lived in Western Australia for 5years now. I am a stay at home mum of 4kids and try to fit in my writing around them.

I love vampires and practically anything paranormal and have wanted to write books for as long as I can remember.

Is there an Indielit scene in the Antipodes?  Who are the names we should be looking out for and what are the hot genres?

There is an Indie community on Facebook with a lot of wonderful, talented writers. We all try to help each other out whenever we can, which is really nice. It is not like we are competing against each other, but instead members of the same family. 

Names you should be watching out for, to name just a few: Emily Hill, Clayton Zane, Jennifer Malone Wright,  Rue Volley, Willow Cross, K. B. Miller, J. H. Glaze, Nathan Squiers, Stacey Rourke, Karen Nichols, Tamela Quijas, Sabine Atkins, Kallypso Masters...... I could go on and on and on, there really is just a world of talent out there! 

Most of my friends write in the Paranormal and Horror genres like I do, but are more YA - although a couple write erotica or BDSM. So really quite a diverse group.

Tell us about your current work.

I recently released book 3 in The Dream Series: The Chosen One - which has been doing quite well.

The Dream Series

At the moment, I have actually gone back to the very first book I ever wrote - my autobiography. It needs an awful lot of work to get it into shape and I have kind of been a bit lazy with it. I plan to realease it later in the year. 

My plan then is to write another non-fiction book about my struggles with health issues and women having problems getting diagnosed with endocrine disorders. After that, I have 2 more books planned for The Dream Series.

What genre do you write in? Who are your influences?

I write Paranormal/Horror with a touch of romance. My writing influences include: Diana Gabaldon, Barbara Erskine, Victoria Holt, James Herbert, Jeff Lindsay, Trevor Munson, Anne Rice and recently E.L. James.....

Classic New English Library James
Herbert Cover

What's a typical day in the life of Gladys Quintal?

My life is pretty much Ground Hog Day!!!!! I get up, get the boy ready for school while getting his baby sister dressed and fed to take with us. Get home from dropping Jonny at school, feed the animals, put Bella down for a nap, do a bit of housework and then a bit of facebook and checking emails, attempt to write something while she is asleep - which if I am really lucky will be at least 2hours! 

Busy Family Life as depicted by Monty Python

Once she wakes up it is lunch, a bit more housework, pick Jonny up from school, get dinner on, baths organised and kids ready for bed...... 7pm both kids are in bed and I can let out a big sigh! Then it is a mixture of promoting books and writing until the early hours, shower, bed and then start all over again in the morning. I really look forward to Fridays :)

Evil British Bush Policemen, fresh from capturing Ned Kelly, capture you too and clap you in irons in a remote jailhouse. However, old Christie is a kindly jailer of liberal persuasion and allows you three books, two CD's and one DVD to pass the time. What would you ask for?



Angel of Vengeance and Lady of Hay. 

CD's : Melissa Etheridge  and Purple Rain 

DVD: "Moonlight"

Beautiful photograph of Moonlight

There's a knock on the door. A writer and a musician stand there with twenty four cans of beer and a bag of honey roast peanuts. In your ideal world, who would you like them to be?


and Trevor Munson

Moonlight scribbler, Trevor Munson

What do your fans have to look forward to in 2013?

More of The Dream Series. I am planning a bit of a spinoff novella, or companion novella, centuring around Elizabeth - so watch out for that my horror lovers. It will be set in the time after she dies in the walled up room in her castle, while she is waiting for The Chosen One to be born.......

Thanks very much for speaking to us, Gladys.

You're welcome.

Opening novel: "The
Man of my Dreams"

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