"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
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Thursday, 25 October 2012

An Interview with Ruth Watson-Morris

  • Like some bearded, wizardly Captain Ahab at the wave battered prow of my own personal literary Pecod, I have spent the last three months hunting down my personal Moby Dick - the elusive and modest - shy, even  - figure of Ruth Watson-Morris.  

    Horrorist, fantasy scribbler, trilogist, creator of the  vast and complex world of the Voxians, metalhead, lasagna cook and  softly-softly networker and marketeer, I finally buttonholed Ruth at the launch of the  Indielit Scrapbook.  

    Ruth lives in the pastoral and inspiring shadow of the  Malvern Hills, one of the quintessential panoramas of the English countryside, and it was a simple matter for Wiz to pick up the Wizphone and chat to Ruth, as she fed the gorgeous German Shepherd you see below. 
    Here's what she had to say.

    Tell us a bit about yourself, Ruth?

          What can I tell you! I am a mother of 3 grown up children, grandmother to 4 beautiful grandchildren, have an amazing talented husband who writes children’s books and a very large very black German Shepherd dog who lives with a very old collie cross (rescue). I have a degree in Psychology, with some History and education studies. ..

    So do  I, Ruth!

    What's that, Wiz?

    I have a degree  in psychology!

    Do you?

    I do, yes. AND I like history.

    Oh. That's good.  

    So we've got something in common

    Yes we have! I studied law as well and am quite disabled, hence my work as a writer.

    That is a beautiful Shepherd!

    Thank you for saying so.

    Here's one of my favourite dogs. This is Ted. Ted Bear. You can friend him on Facebook. I think your dog and my friend Kelly's dog would get on a treat! 

    I think they would, Wiz! hahaha.

    Ted Bear attempts to beat the Canine Cross-Channel record set
    by Captain Webb's dog, Walter.

    If you both lived in the same County, they could both go swimming together! Anyway, enough of matters canine. When did you write your first book?

    I first wrote Fantacia about 3 years ago, (maybe longer, I have been saying three years ago for quite a long time now!!) I did nothing with it for a long time, I wrote it to get my son reading before he hit University.

    You're one of the most consistent 
    marketeers and networkers on the circuit - 
    what tips have you for new authors?

    Just keep going, there are a lot of talented people out there all who deserve to make it, I will keep showing people my support especially great talents that deserve it. 

    Be passionate about your work and love what you do, because it's a guarantee that if you like it so will others!

    Excellent advice! So,what's your latest project?

    Sky is the book I am writing now, the end of the trilogy and I have some of the prequel set up. I have just had my first go at writing a children's version of the Voxian books, Bellazard The Reptilian series which has just come out and goes 

    FREE for 3 days 27th -29th of this month

    A UFO, similar to the one which descended upon Aberdeen this week, hovers above your house and tractor beams you into a gravity cell. Iglu the alien, your gaoler, is a kindly soul and allows you three books, two CDs and a DVD for your Infinite stay in space. What would they be?

    This took me ages to work out!!!

    My three books would be:

    Lord of the Rings trilogy - Tolkien

    A Ring

    Industrial magic - Kelley Armstrong

    Kelley Armstrong Fantasy Epic

    The Deathly Hallows - JK Rowling

    War is the Answer - Five finger death punch


    Liebe ist fur alle da - German Industrial Metal bashers
    Weird cannibal/BDSM cover
    (and they banned "Smell The Glove?!")

    DVD: Day After Tomorrow

    The Statue of Liberty surfing in the Apocalypse

    How do you relax away from the word processor? Do you get much free time?

    I tend to read other peoples work in my spare time, I love reading and enjoy reviewing books that are great no matter if they are Published by indies or big publishers, they can be good or bad no matter where they come from. Also spend time with my Kids and grandkids which is fabulous

    I hear on the Indie grapevine that you were once featured in the  Redditch Evening Standard! Congratulations!

    I was interviewed when the first novel went live. I was quite proud. Here it is!

    That's impressive, Ruth! So, which two authors would you most like to cook dinner for? And what is the house special, chez Ruth?

    Got to be Terry Pratchett he's fabulous, love DISCWORLD
    Kelley Armstrong just to beg her to carry on with the women of the other world 


    She's finished writing them for now which is very sad.
     I have an Italian family (inlaws) who brought me up for a while, so I can make a mean lasagne, I also cook good shortbread
    All round Ruth's for a wonderful Redditch Lasagne!

    And what do fans of Ruth Watson Morris have to look forward to in the coming year?

    The coming year should bring the Voxian trilogy to a finish with Sky and give the fans Kathos the prequel, they wil discover the origins of Kathos and his people and how he journeyed to Vox, about the multiverse they all slip in and out of including the Hell dimensions, which will take them right to the beginning where Fantacia and Orion are leaving Earth.

    Ruth, thanks for talking to us 
    here round the Cauldron. We wish you all the best in the coming year with everything you do?

    Thanks, Wiz. It's been great fun!

    Find out more about Ruth here

    Buy  Ruth's books here!

    Badly treated blood drinking labrador-cross seeks non-vampire
    owner to love and to cherish. And a big sofa.

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