"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
Coming next week - Carla Eatherington

Monday, 3 September 2012

Carla News

Skip this bit and go down a post. Some superb interviews. In fact, there's quite a few to read. I'll be eternally grateful to the fantastic Wendy Steele, the very first, for giving me the idea. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I know some of the authors are too! 

If Kindle was photograph friendly, I'd do a Christmas Special. 

Classic UJJ Warlord Summer Special
Morrisey's favourite issue!
Do you remember those? You had a weekly comic you collected, like the Beano, Look-In, Warlord, Jackie or Victor and in November each year, they'd do a Christmas special. 

Blue Jeans Magazine with classic
Roy S eighties cover

I notice they still do this in the magazine world. Chat and Take a Break magazines both had summer specials this year, for which my beloved mother is eternally grateful, even if both of them featured gilfy Denise Welsh, out of lunchtime girly natterfest "Loose Women", on the cover. As did Bella, another mag that week. 

Apologies to my American reader for this very British post. Just be thankful you don't have Chat magazine and/or Denise. She's like confetti after a wedding - gets everywhere.

Girlfriend of Lincoln, ageless divorcee  role model, voracious TV cougar, and
Celeb Big Brother Winner 2010. Her achievements are legend.

Today's Denise News for the Strangely Uninterested

Carla: My cover illustrator Dark Dawn Creations continue from strength to strength and after a horrible illness, Dawn is back. This means Carla will be out in paperback next Monday. 

Green Wizard's most read non-football hooligan book, I really do think this will do well this Christmas. I can't be doing with re-reading my work, but the second half of The Ritual, and this, contain my best writing. As Ive said before, if you don't like Carla, you won't like anything else I've written so cheers, best of luck and thanks for the eighty pence. 

Except possibly Hollywood Shakedown, which got a decent review from Hawaii the other day. Everyone seems to like this one too.

Other news: Can't pick my own nose on the gee gees and bow wows. More seconds than Billy Bunter and that includes short priced jollies and Pricewise buzzers. If anyone wants to pick my Royalty Booster next week, I'll just follow you. Here's an example from last week.

Number Theory On The Bridle Ebor Third at 20/1

Could have gone round again. Would have paid for Christmas, that, and I gave it my subscribers three days in advance. 

God, I know you love me - you're just on holiday somewhere, matey, I know you are. Where does God go on holiday? Hmmmmmm...

Maine's finest, Kim Scott

Anyroad, from brooding cogitations on celestial vacationing to matters Indieliterary. 

On Wednesday, we've got Kim Scott flying in to the Wizstudio for a chat about her historical family saga Regarding Ruth. 

She has another book out in late October and I know many readers are looking forward to it. See what she has to say to the Wizard later on this week.

Love, Wiz xx


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